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UX/UI Design

Final project in my graphic design studies.

Interactive street art tour platform.


Street Art has become more and more popular in the last few years with international artists like Banksy and Endless and local like Dede, Nitzan Mintz, Prettimess and other exhibiting in galleries and museums. 

However, when you take the Street Art from the street it loses its context. That's the problem I wanted to solve and that's why I created this project - to allow people to experience the Street Art in the context it was made originally.



MUZE is an interactive street art tour platform that allows users to experience street art in Tel Aviv like never before. It provides tours on different topics and gives them a detailed tour accompanies by audio and video clips.

The project was created to show the streets of TLV as one big art gallery. 


The first thing I was trying to figure out was who are the people who interested in Street Art from the street artist's point of view and the people who go for Street Art tours. During the research process, I've interviewed around 20 active street artists and took 5 street art tours in different parts of Tel Aviv.

In order to determine what the main uses would be, I also asked all the people I've interviewed what would they like to get from an app like this, what are the challenges and what features will they like to have. The most surprising finding was, to my opinion, that many people will like to get extra information about the artist and their work process. 

The second thing I did is to document all the Street Art I came across and map it out on google maps according to location. I mapped more than 700 artworks all across Tel Aviv.


There was one main issue I've encountered before starting to sketch wireframes for the app: how will the flow start? Should it start from the map or maybe the feed who Art according to the user's distance?

Will people feel comfortable enough using the app in the middle of the street? And how will they find out about the app, to begin with?

The solution was to create a website - an online platform that the user can read about the project, see the verity of Street Art around TLV add artworks to their profile.

web flow.png


MUZE was a good lesson for understanding research, layouts, and flows.
I've dealt with a few UX flow questions while doing this project like:
how people find out about this platform?
what do u do when the artwork was erased?
how do u navigate without streets name?

Sometimes the research changes the whole vision of the project and directly effects the result.

A future feature would be an upload new artworks to the feed, to explore the more social side of the app and expand it.

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