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Product Designer from Tel Aviv, Israel.

My name is Tzvi, and I am a product designer with a background in marketing and art direction. With 4 years of experience designing UX/UI for products, both as a lead designer and as part of a team, I bring a unique perspective to the workplace.


I hold a degree in Visual Communication from the Holon Institute of Technology and have completed a UX Architect course through external studies at Haifa University. My approach to design is informed by my belief in the power of teamwork and my commitment to creating high-quality, visually stunning products for all users.


My goal as a designer is to make a lasting and meaningful impact on people's lives through the use of clean and minimalistic design.


Currently, I am seeking an opportunity to join a dynamic team where I can continue to learn and grow as a designer and as a person.


In my spare time, I enjoy yoga, jogging, painting, and spending time with my cat and my plants.

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