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Tango Collectables

UX/UI Design

User experience process for 'Tango' app new feature.

UX & UI for a Collectable gifts new feature.


During my work with Tango app, I was requested to help come with a way to make the gift process in the app itself more engaging and interesting. One of the ideas was to design a new feature that will allow the users to send a gift to the broadcaster and help them to collect a series of gifts with the same theme. By collecting all of them the broadcaster will receive a special gift from Tango.

ios_vip_gift_gold copy 6.png

The main goal was to lunch a new kind of gift in order to increase the gift sending on the app both in the live streaming and on the broadcasters profiles, make it more easy and engaging to send an app and add incentive for both gifts senders and the broadcasters.

This process made me think about how do people approach all the gift sending/receiving process and why do we need to make it more engaging.

Even as a regular user, I was struggling to understand how and where I find a specific gift to send, a very long scroll was a bit tiring. I wanted to explore how I could make it more usable and delightful both for the gift senders and the broadcasters.


I've started by checking the current flows of all the different times of gifts you can give to a broadcaster until this point and how engaging they are.

  1. Overall it was always the same gifts there was nothing special or interesting regarding engagement between the users.

  2. Most of the time the broadcasters will greet the people who they know will give them gifts when they log in and thank them after they give them a gift.

  3. We wanted to check what will happen if we help them by giving the incentive to collect one series of gifts, and how will they ask the viewers for a specific gift. Will it help them establish a better relationship with their community or damage it?  

  4. The gift drawer experience wasn't that interesting and to be honest a bit clumsy making the gift sending process not very fun. 

  • Thoroughly explore every idea I come up with to craft the best possible solution.

  • Get lots of feedback early on during ideation from users and other designers.

  • Try to understand the range of different viewpoints as I consider tradeoffs from one decision to the next.

While I've designed the feature I also checked how to improve the gift drawer experience to make it more clear

Group 29.png
Group 34.png

In this design process, I've tried to make the navigation more clear and easy. In the original drawer, there was just a very long scroll and no division to categories, also the "Get More" coins button was now very clear so I've tried different ways to emphasize it and make it stand out. 

Group 22 Copy.png

Collectible gift as seen from the user profile

Group 22.png

The basic flow for a collectible gift while streaming live



Gifts sending is growing with collections releases, Based on my Tango’s data knowledge the growth is about 10-15%. Since then 3 more new collections have been added to the feature.

Group 35.png

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