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UX/UI Design

A calendar that makes it easier to add events and makes sure you won't forget who you're meeting.


I always run my day with my calendar cause of my busy and somethings hectic life.
When I schedule a meeting with someone sometimes I tend to forget with who I'm meeting, the why I know cause I always write it in the meeting subject. Another thing is more and more people set with me meetings via WhatsApp or other platforms and then cause of my busy lifestyle I just forget about it.

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Designing a calendar that will auto-insert your meeting from various different platforms to your calendar and attached a pic of the person your meeting with from his online presence (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

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CAL. made me look on everyday calendar apps and look for the flows in them and how can I improve it. Looking in apps that we use on a daily bases can teach you a lot, help you understand users and their pain points better.

The marketing accepts any product we use and how you present it was also very good. It showed me that product and marketing can form a holistic experience to the users and show them what the product is capable of doing and how to use it.

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